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Similar to his task on Dota, 'HyHy' will be the new AD Carry for Singapore Sentinels.

Known as one of the strongest teams from the Singaporean selections, Singapore Sentinels has had a less than stellar track record as of recent. With the assistance of HyHy, the team believes that the team will be better off, playing with the assistance of his support and coach, 'Kyling'

3 months ago, 'HyHy' retired from Dota 2, leaving behind his former team, Zenith.

While allegations to the reasoning behind this decision are not proven, most assume it's from the lack of funding available in Singapore for a solid career in Dota. The decision was most likely in his best interest to pursue a life of financially supported gaming.

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Baby play DotA !!!! view clip inside

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The winners of the GosuGamers Drawing contest has finally been decided, congratulations to the winners, who will each walk away with a coveted Dota 2 Betakey.

Funniest drawn picture

*click for full size image*

Winner: Indonesia Uk_fiend

Neolution E-Sport.AMD DOTA 2 Tournament October is Opening